Monday, 2 January 2017


This product is a new staple in my food-making tool-box.
It's super as a meat replacement.
I used it in a taco-dish, which was divine.

As promised, it was a naturell (without flavour of it's own) product.
Which is great for dishes where you want to determine the seasoning and flavour yourself.

I'd heartily recommend this product!
It's texture is just like scrambled meat, and is easy to fry up.
200g is perfect for a meal for 2-3 portions.

It doesn't expire for several months.
And can be stored in room-temperature.

Ingredients: water, soybeans * 20% coagulant (kalciumsulfat, nigari)
* Organic ingredient

Company: Willfred & Claras Kjøkken (Willfred & Clara's Kitchen)  
Product: Ecological Tofu Naturell (Neutral) (200g)

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