Sunday, 1 January 2017


I was so excited about this product.
I ordered it online, and was looking forward to making all kinds cheesy dishes with it.
Unfortunately; both the taste and the smell made me gag.
Silver Lining; My mom liked it.
Not so silver lining; Only in small amounts.
If you're making a dish with it, make it a thin layer.
I made a pizza with it, and my mom likes her pizza; thick with filling.
In this instance though, more was NOT merrier.
The thick layer became a rubbery-like substance, almost gelatinous.

So when using this cheese; less is more.
And, if you're not one who likes "unique" cheeses like, blue cheese for example
(I'm going by reference of which cheeses my mom likes in general, 
and am judging her taste-buds accordingly x)
this might not be the cheese for you.

The product melts when heated.
The texture is just like non-vegan cheese.
The smell is potent, very like stronger non-vegan cheeses.
The taste isn't as bad as the smell, but still, less is more. 

Ingredients: Water, coconut oil (21%), starch, modified starch, sea salt, flavourings, olive extract, colour: b-carotene, vitamin B12.

Company: VioLife Product: Block of Cheese For Pizza, Original (200g)

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