Sunday, 1 January 2017

Pizza-Flavoured Cheese | VEGAN FOOD-REVIEW

This product, much like it's friend "VioLife cheese for pizza, Original"
was a bust.
At least in my book.
Again, my mom liked it; ish (only in small amounts/thin layers)
This smelled preferable, compared to it's above mentioned friend.
Very classic pizza smelling.

The texture is just like regular non-vegan cheese.
It melts when heated.

Still, I'm not much of a fan; when I ate it, after a few mouth-fulls, 
the texture sort of crept up on me, and made me gag.

Ingredients: Water, coconut oil (23%), modified starch, starch, sea salt, vegan flavoring (contains celery), polyphenols, color: beta carotene

Company: VioLife Product: Block of cheese, Pizza flavoured (200g)

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