Monday, 13 March 2017


Wheaty Hot-Dogs
 For this dish, I decided to make my own Hot-Dog-Buns, as so many brands of Hot-Dog-Buns aren't Vegan (I mean, WHY do they insist on adding yogurt-powder to EVERYTHING?? WHY??)
 It turned out great, and these Wheaty Hot-Dogs were REAL yummy!
Very akin to non-vegan hot-dogs,flavour-wise,
but without any of the weird dead animal product bi-flavours.

I fried them in a pan, using Olive-Oil, Pepper and Salt.
It made them real savoury on the inside, and nice and crispy on the outside.
 Would buy again.

200g (4 hot-dogs)
Ingredients: seitan* (water, WHEAT protein*) 82%, high oleic sunflower oil*, yeast extract*, rock salt, spices* (contains MUSTARD*), onion*, thickening agent locust bean gum*, paprika extract*, smoke**. * = certified organic. **= natural beech wood smoke.
 Contains gluten and mustard. May contain traces of celery, soy and lupin.

Company: Wheaty Product: Hot-Dogs (Weenies)

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