Saturday, 25 March 2017


Smoked Tofu
So far, in my vegan cookery, I've only used tofu to make Tacos.
(Because, boy, I love me some good tacos! :D )
First impression was one of astonishment, as the smoked tofu smelled just like those incredible smoked meat fair-booths. All in all; Mouthwatering.
I was so stoked, to find that the smoked-ness of it, translated into an extra round, 
rich flavour in the end result tacos.
I think this might be my absolute favourite tofu so far, 
I would heartily recommend!

Ingredients: water, soy beans * 20% soy sauce * 4% (water, soybeans *, wheat, sea salt), vegetable broth (iodized salt, yeast extract, potato starch, sugar *, herbs *, celery *, carrots *, onions *, pepper *, ginger * garlic powder *, tomato and paprika *, gurkmeie *, nutmeg *, spinach *), sea salt, coagulant (kalciumsulfat, nigari), smoke
* Organic ingredient

Organic smoked Tofu. Can be grilled, fried or eaten cold.
Can be stored at room temperature.

Company: Wilfred & Clara Product: Smoked Tofu

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