Sunday, 5 March 2017

Teeny Tiny Sausages | VEGAN FOOD-REVIEW

Wheaty Mini-Herbys
 I used these in this meal, to satisfy the hunger in our tummies.
I cooked them on high-medium heat, in Olive-Oil; spiced with some Salt and Pepper.
I turned them continuously, cooking them until they were golden-brown on the outside,
and their "skin" slightly crispy.

I think this is my favourite Wheaty Sausage so far. Very nice and unique flavour, 
and very "Real" Sausage -esk.
I was pleasantly surprised at how well they went with the Red Wine Sauce;
and this is a product that I have re-ordered as of now, and intend to cook again.

Ingredients: seitan* (water, WHEAT protein*) 81%, high oleic sunflower oil*, yeast extract*, rock salt, WHEAT starch*, onion*, spices*, thickening agent locust bean gum*. * = certified organic
Contains Gluten. May contain traces of celery, mustard, soy and lupin.

Company: Wheaty Product: Mini-Herbys (Veganwurst Frankenberger)

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