Thursday, 2 March 2017

Virginia Steak | VEGAN FOOD-REVIEW

Wheaty Virginia Steak
This is by far, one of the yummiest dinners I've had EVER.
(Vegan AND otherwise!)
The instructions are super-easy to follow;
I accidentally used Olive-Oil when frying, and BOY am I glad I did!
It took everything to new levels of scrumptious!
I paired the dish with Boiled Potatoes, with some sprinkles of salt on top of 'em.
The "steaks" themselves tastes like spicy-seasoned cheese-schnitzels.
That's all I gotta' say.

You could have a 2 person meal with this, but since it's so good... :3
I'd definitely recommend buying so each person gets two "steaks" each! ^^

Ingredients: seitan* (water, WHEAT protein*) 76%, coconut fat*, OAT fibre*, onion*, spices* (contains CELERY* and MUSTARD*), rock salt, yeast extract*, WHEAT starch*, potato starch*, thickening agent xanthane. * = certified organic
 Contains gluten, celery and mustard. May contain traces of soy and lupin.

Company: Wheaty Product: VEGAN Virginia Steak

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