Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Sriracha Broth Wok | ORIGINAL RECIPE

Sriracha Broth Wok!

5 tablespoons of roughly chopped Ginger-Root
5 cloves of roughly chopped Garlic-Cloves
0,75dl/0,3 cups of Soy-Sauce
3-5 tablespoons of Follow Your Heart's Sriracha Vegenaise
2dl/0,8 cups of water w/ 2 teaspoons of vegetable Bouillon-Powder
2 Green Paprika-Peppers, chopped into small squares
1 Broccoli, chopped into small bite-sized "wigs" (remove most of the stems)
1 Yellow-Onion chopped into small squares
Vegetable Oil (sesame cooking oil)
Rice (Jasmin or Basmati)

Rince your Rice off. Then put in a pot with water. Cook on max heat until it starts to boil.
Then lower the heat to minimum heat, let it sit.
When the Rice is starting to swell, pour off the water, 
and let the Rice continue to swell away from the heaters.
(The reason for this specific way to prep the Rice, 
is to minimize any harmful residue that naturally occur in rice, to make it's way onto your plate.)

Fry up Ginger-Root and Garlic in a pot/pan with Vegetable Oil, on high medium heat, 
for a couple of minutes.
Add Yellow Onion, fry until the Yellow Onion has gone slightly soft.
Add Broccoli and Green Paprika-Peppers, 
fry until the broccoli has gotten a even stronger green-colour.
Mix the Water w/Bouillon-Powder with the Soy-Sauce; Add to the pot/pan. Mix everything together.
Add Sriracha Vegenaise to the pot/pan; mix everything together thoroughly.

Let it cook for a couple of minutes. Then turn the heat off, and let the pot/pan sit on the plate for a little while to cool down a little.

And Voilá!
Bon Appétit!

This dish pair perfectly to Ginger-Ale Soda beverage-wise.
I prefer to use Hey! Bombay! Vegetable Bouillon-Powder, it's AMAZING! :D

Pictures of products courtesy of  Veganlife.no, Follow Your Heart, Blog and Renée Voltaire.

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