Wednesday, 20 September 2017



Invest in a menstrual-cup.
1) The amount of uses you get out of one menstrual-cup
compared to tampons, makes it waaay cheaper in the long-run, so it basically pays for it self.
2) You won't have to worry about getting poisoned by the stuff inside tampons and having to amputate stuff below your waist, like your legs.
(yes, sadly, that is a real thing)
3) You won't be contributing to literally TONS of un-reusable waste that's killing the planet.
4) It's way easier, and more discreet, than having to always make sure you have a new tampon at the ready. With the menstrual-cup, you just pop it in, let it collect; then pop it out next time you go to the bathroom, pour it into the toilet, and pop it back in. VOILA! That's how easy it is.

I clean my menstrual-cup before and after my period starts and ends. In the middle of having my period, I just use some tissue to wipe off any blood left in the cup, between popping it out and in.
It might feel a little uncomfortable the first time, 
but for most people, once you get the hang of it, you won't even notice it's there.
Once my lady-parts widened up a little, after using it, it all became a breeze.
(I know that sounds bizarre, and maybe even horrifying, but trust me; It's a good thing. 😉 )

I have a MOONCUP
and I checked with that company, and it's cruelty-free and vegan.
(note: MoonCup does not ship to Italy and Israel)

If you opt for a different brand, I recommend you google, 
and/or ask the company about their policies and ingredients.


Investing in some cloth-pads makes a world of difference.

1) You're dramatically cutting your spendage on feminine-hygiene products in the long-run.
2) You won't be contributing to the TONS of un-reusable waste in the world.
3) Again, you won't be subjecting yourself to the toxins that are present in regular pads.
(mostly the high-brand ones actually, believe it or not 😱 )

 Another thing that might shock you about most regular pads and tampons, is that,
the toxins they put in them, to make them super-fancy, and "absorb better" or some BS like that,
is actually TESTED ON ANIMALS.
I know right, WHY??

And it's actually the high-brand ones that are the worst when it comes to this.
They have SO much money, and they spend a lot of it on testing ALL THE INGREDIENTS that goes into their products, on animals.
Some of the cheaper ones don't add a bunch of toxins into their stuff, 
partly because they don't want to spend money on the animal-testing.
Making them much safer. 
So you're actually paying more to be exposed to unsafe and cruelty-ridden stuff.
Ironically enough.

So if you are going to opt for non-reusable stuff, at least google the brands you buy.
So 1) You won't be risking your health and life.
and 2) At least won't be contributing to torturing and enslaving innocent animals.

I usually use BOTH pad and cup. 
Just to make sure I don't fill it too quick and accidentally stain my panties slightly.
(Those stains might be small, but they are HARD to get out!)
Mostly though, throughout my experience of using a cup, it's more for the confidence of knowing that IF, I were to have the one in a million mini-spill, it won't go through my pants and affect my day.
A security-net if you will.

Here are some Cloth-Pad Brands that I found

Link to a Review of many different Cloth-Pad brands
by Menstrual Cup Reviews .Net


Invest in a Livia and gel-pads.
1) You won't be taking drugs that could hurt your body.
2) You won't be taking drugs that have animal-products in them.
3) You don't have to deny yourself pain-relief,
because you can't go over the limit of how many pain-pills you can take per day without getting sick.
4) It's immediate and safe pain-relief.
The electrical impulses the device gives you, is stopping the signals from your pain-area from reaching your brain, by acting as a "wall" of sorts, that the pain-signals can't get past.
Therefore, since you're brain is none the wiser, it won't tell your body to feel the pain.
(It's usually a good thing to have your brain tell your body to feel if you're in pain, in case you're suffering from a critical injury, and you need to do something about it. 
Like call for help or cover a bleeding wound or something. 
With period-cramps though, not so much. 
Knowing there is pain there, isn't going to help you or make your life more pleasant.)
5) It's vegan and cruelty-free. I checked with the creators of the product.

Fun-Fact: It's FDA approved. And you can buy it and have it shipped anywhere.

Pictures courtesy of;
MoonCups - Nuts&Grains Online Retailer
Livia - Official Livia Website

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

How to go Vegan | Step by Step

In the mood to try a more environmentally friendly, animal-loving food-habit?
But you feel like going through the change is daunting?
Let me help you! ^^
In this step by step manual, I'll guide you, 
based on my personal experience from going vegan myself. 

Step 1
Vitamin Up!
Something that I had to learn the hard way, and that you don't have to;
is how important multivitamins and supplements are.
When you go for a change in eating-habit, to make sure your body doesn't feel like you're depriving it of anything; taking vitamins is key.
This way, even though you're introducing your body to new sources of nutrients, it won't feel like you've suddenly stopped giving it something it needs.

For me, personally, this made all the difference.
Before getting my vitamins in, I would CONSTANTLY be thinking about the things I was no longer eating. Hard-core, EVERY DAY. And EVERY NIGHT. Thoughts of eating cheese and meat infested my dreams on a constant loop.
Which is very unpleasant when eating those things repulses you.
Don't feel bad about yourself, if you have those thoughts. It just means your body is trying to get you to feed it something it needs. And going vegan, just means you need to feed it those nutrients and vitamins and minerals through new foods.

I was also very tired all the time.
Not because I was going vegan necessarily; before making the change, I was a very unhealthy eater, I never took vitamins (should have ofc, most people need to) and my meals consisted of ready-made packet reheats and fast-food. All very low in nutrients and all the good stuff the body needs to keep on top of it's game.

There are so many choices in vegan multivitamins and supplements now.
Take advantage of it, and rule the world! ^^

Step 2
Get a Vegan Cookbook!
My world opened up crazily when my mom got me a vegan cookbook.
Before going vegan, as I said, I barely cooked 
(I do not think reheating or adding water counts as cooking xD)
And I had a dim view of what I could eat now that I was going vegan.
I legit thought I had to eat a lot of salad, and that was it xD
Turns out, I was wrong, Thank G ;)

Before buying a cookbook I'd recommend browsing through it,
to see if the ingredients sound like it would suit your pallet.
Also check out the reviews.
I'm not a huge fan of chickpeas, and I'm allergic to avocado, 
so I make sure cookbooks I get, are low on those things x)
I also check if I like the way it's written, and if it's easy to follow.
Nothing more annoying than trying to cook a bomb meal,
but the recipe sounds like a different language trying to teach you heart-surgery.

I also try to get books that don't rely heavily on hard-to-get or expensive items.
A lot, and I mean A LOT (most) vegan food, can be made of the stuff 
you find readily available, at your local grocery-store.

If you're not much of a book person, or if buying a cookbook isn't in your budget right now;
No worries! I got you covered! ^^
Here are some cool, free vegan recipe websites that'll give you all the goodness! ^^

Elegantly Vegan
All Recipes
The Vegan Society

And of course, you should totally check out my original recipes,
that you can find right here, on this blog! ^^

Things to look out for when going vegan:
(a list of things to avoid)

- Gelatin (made from animal bones)
- Dairy (Milk from animals, also look out for yogurt/milk-powder in pastries)
- Meat (ALL meats, also seafood and poultry)
- Eggs
- Palm-Oil (palm-tree industry destroys habitats and kills off animals)
- Honey (also beeswax)
- Animal-Tested Consmetics
- Cosmetics and food that contain ingredients made from bugs
(Cosmetics that pledge to be cruelty-free and vegan are best)
- Leather
- Fur
- Feathers
-  Certain types of wool (Angora, and farms that mistreat their animals)
- Silk
- Pearls
(stuff with Marble in it, might have been made from the shells of sea-creatures)
- Porcelain
(not all porcelain, but make sure not to get the kind made from bone-dust)

Humans are creatures of habit, and changing habits might feel hard.
Don't be too hard on yourself, take it one day at a time, 
and soon enough, you'll reach your goals! ^^