Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Sore Throat Relief

I'm currently sick with some flu-like ish,
and I would like to share my own tried and tested VEGAN Sore Throat Relief Mixture.

Boiled Water
Agave Syrup
Lemon Juice

Add syrup and juice till it makes a 1cm layer at the bottom of your cup.
Then add boiled water and mix it all with a spoon.

Wait until it's bearably drinkable, temperature-wise, and Voila!
A Sore Throat Reliever that will soothe your pain.

The Science Behind The Drink
The Lemon Juice will create an acidic and hostile environment in your throat,
making it hard for virus and bacteria to prosper.
Swiftly reducing the build-up of slime and swelling.

The Agave Syrup has healing properties,
and will give the drink a round, warm feeling,
that coats your throat and alleviates pain and dryness.

If you try my recipe, please, feel free to comment below, about how it turned out;
Did you like it? Did it help you?

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