Tuesday, 30 January 2018

VEGANUARY | Week Four Meals

Week Four Meals

Another day, another Pesto Toast... or five. 😆
I'll have to confess that I'm really bad at feeding myself actual dinner, when I don't have company.😇

Today, my boyfriend made me the most delicious noodle-wok.
With carrots, broccoli, brown and white mushrooms, squash, garlic, and gingerroot.
Seasoned with salt, pepper, sriracha, and soy sauce.
So many mushrooms, so mouthwatering!😋

Today I decided to experiment with Anthony Mullally's Red Thai Curry recipe,
from the official Veganuary Celebrity Cookbook.
Instead of red curry-paste, I wanted to see what the dish would taste like with green curry-paste.
Boyfriend loved it 💓

Lucky me, I got sick today. Yaaay *sarcasm* 😞
I stayed all day in bed. Ate like a scavenger, with whatever I could snack on; nuts, pesto toast, potato chips; literally the only source of nourishment today.😆

My mom made me dinner today.
Veganburger, peas and chips.💓

A friend and I (Judge Judy would be so proud, I use the correct term xD)
had a snoozearoo at my place tonight.
So I decided to make my Kebab Recipe! ^^
It was a hit!😃
"The Other Guys", Kebab and Snacks = Epic Snoozearoo Material!😁
(just to be clear, I'm talking sleepovers; but snoozearoo sounds WAY more fun! ^^)

What do you eat, when you're vegan and sick with a throat infection?
(been sick since Thursday; and whilst I thought it was time to call it quits on the whole thing, the sickness disagreed and decided it was time to take it up a notch... or ten.😱)
An ER-visit later; fruity baby-food, chocolate-dessert, and Pepsi are my now my newly appointed BFF's until further notice.

Also drugs; prescribed, morphineated, wonderous drugs 😌.

How was YOUR WEEK?
Eat anything yummy? 😋


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