Sunday, 14 January 2018

VEGANUARY | Week Two Meals

Week Two Meals

Today I did another Chinese style wok.
Although the picture if from another day, of the same dish; as I forgot to take one x)

Today, my Boyfriend and I, decided to try out another Official Veganuary Celebrity Cookbook recipe;
Lebanese Tabbouleh.
It was quite the flavour-bomb.
This recipe was thumbed up, in the cookbook, by actor Joaquin Phoenix.

and since Tabbouleh, on it's lonesome, is more a snack;
we also made a mouthwatering Indian Curry around dinnertime ^^
Which we coupled with watching the movie "The Darjeeling Limited" <3

Leftovers and Pesto covered Toast day.

My wonderful boyfriend made me the best fried rice I have ever tasted! <3
Like, restaurant quality. Blew my mind.
Cherry tomatoes, green peppers, broccoli, and a shit ton of mushrooms, paired with spiced up rice.

I ran out of veggies, and groceries overall today, so pesto toast was a lifesaver.

Today was a leftover-day.
The curry-sauce my boyfriend made on Thursday, some Vegan "Meat"-balls and rice,
made my tummy feel full and nice.
(it was actually hella bland, but what can you do;
we were still out of almost everything grocery-wise xD)

Today my mom decided to make something we Norwegians like to call
Pytt i Panne = "Put it in a pan"
Which is basically just whatever you have on hand, fried together in a pan.
Perfect for doing some magic with leftovers.
Potatoes fried with onions.
(Yes, my breath stinks so bad xD)

Are you trying vegan this month? :D
Know any yummy recipes I should try?


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